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Assorted Rambles: Pixilation At Its Finest
Forever in search of, the alternative to love
1st-Oct-2006 09:24 pm
So my mom were talking today about stuff and when I was little... Did you know for like a year+ when I was like 6 or 7, I had to be fed ice cream or some other such high calorie food before I went to bed each night because I was really underweight due burning off too many calories and such from muscle spasms? (Which is actaully very common, and can still be seen in adults, so in case you were wondering why some of us are that skinny, that could be one of the causes) Yeah, what happened to those days... The only thing I remember about that time was being called "Chicken Legs" because my legs and arms were (supposedly) like that of a chicken (stick skinny). Bah... Is it bad that even though as painful and debilitating muscle spasms are, I wouldn't mind going back to those days, lol. Bah, oh well, even though it is 9:30 I'm going to go to bed... getting up at 6 tomorrow will be no fun, but it is what needs to be done since I've gotten like no work done this weekend at home. There probably won't be an all-nighter Monday, but probably one on Tuesday.
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