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Assorted Rambles: Pixilation At Its Finest
Forever in search of, the alternative to love
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Hiiii everyone! (Or no one, considering how long it's been...) But yeah, was looking through Morgan's profile and saw that she stuck her link back up and that made me remember this and well... Here's one for old time's sake! Yay! Can I just say that I am madly, hopelessly, irreversibly, love-love, in love with Josh Rouse! Sigh, mmm... ;-) Okay that is all! Back to the depths and shadows I go (well actually, to the bathroom to take a shower, but it is quite dark in there if you don't turn the light on!)
6th-Nov-2006 12:45 pm - I just keep on diggin' deeper...
So the scene is I'm calling my mother to tell her about the refund check I just got and I'm slightly hungover...

Mom: So what are you doing for your birthday?
Me: Well Christine was planning a big double birthday party but I don't think I have enough time for that, so me and a few friends will probably just order food, watch a movie, get a little drunk, nothing special really
Mom: ....... drunk?
Me: ...uhh, well not drunk, drunk, just a little.. ya know...
Mom: oh, like a little wine or a wine cooler?
Me: Wine? Oh no no, usually a bottle of tequila!
Mom: ... tequila...?
Me: Yeah, unless it is whisky night, then bottle of that.
Mom: .... whisky...?

Sigh, I didn't redeem myself either by the end of the conversation either... me and my big mouth, haha.
24th-Oct-2006 09:58 pm - Ebeth (pre college) v Liz (the now)
When did I become such a mean and horrible person? I mean, my goodness... this semester I've just been so snappy and everything! Like when one of my professors was asking me one of those questions that lead to a loop of answers until the student finally gives up and the teacher is "declared" the winner (you know what I mean?) and instead of shying away and giving up on the third attempt I practically snapped her question back at her! (Okay, so that is a bit confusing... here is the scene: Soc 305, Research, my group is on gay and lesbians, my professor is a lesbian and we're discussing ways of approach to get interviews, she calls on me... Diaz: So why are you approaching me to be intereviewed? Me: The Rainbow Pride Union gave your name as a "Friendly Faculty" Diaz: So you are assuming I'm gay... why are you approaching me though? Do I look gay to you? Is there a rumor going around that I am? Me: Well we are looking for faculty to be interviewed and the RPU- Diaz: That still doesn't answer the question of WHY you are talking to me! Me: We are looking for faculty and one way we got a list of possible people interview was going throught the RPU, as they have a better understanding of who to- Diaz: I'm not interested in what the RPU said, WHY me? Why not some other faculty member? Why does it have to be me? Me: Well you know what? WHY NOT!? *the class laughs and she stares and blinks at me* You're a faculty member, we want faculty opinions... Diaz: Ah, good point, you've got me there... *chuckles to herself* yes, why not indeed... UGH! I know for certain the old me would have been too shy to say that the way that I did...) One of my friends said that all it means is that "you've grown a backbone and no longer allow people to walk all over you". But still, to have to go through a day and constantly remind myself that I need to behave and be civil, that's so different from the old me. The old me was so tolerant (or at least, more so) of everyone and everything, I was nice to everyone.... now if someone just talks to loud or does one little thing I think horrible, mean thoughts about them... even behave in an uncivil manner. I hate it, I don't want to be mean... it just seems so unnatural, yet I'm naturally mean to people without even thinking about it? Isn't that like the definition of "natural"? Life was easier and happier when I was Ebeth... Life as Liz is just crazy and stressful! But then again, maybe the biggest problem that I'm having with this whole Ebeth v Liz thing is that... well, I like the Liz me more than the Ebeth me. Liz takes chances, is bold, can say "no" and doesn't take "no" for an answer, and is even more stubborn (if that is possible) to the point of being thick headed about certain things. Liz doesn't cave at the first sight of disappointment, nor does she immediately apologize and try to right the wrongs after an argument/fight/whatever, like I don't have the guilt wrenching need to apologize first and can be very direct about everything and anything, even things that have the potential to lead to an ugly confrontation. What's happened to me?

Does this mean that I am a bad person now?
13th-Oct-2006 11:22 pm(no subject)
Well I guess it was inevitable, I basically jinxed myself. Sigh, Life, you sure can play some mean tricks on people. Oh well, I'll get over it, I always have and do... eventually. Blargh.
1st-Oct-2006 09:24 pm - Booo.....
So my mom were talking today about stuff and when I was little... Did you know for like a year+ when I was like 6 or 7, I had to be fed ice cream or some other such high calorie food before I went to bed each night because I was really underweight due burning off too many calories and such from muscle spasms? (Which is actaully very common, and can still be seen in adults, so in case you were wondering why some of us are that skinny, that could be one of the causes) Yeah, what happened to those days... The only thing I remember about that time was being called "Chicken Legs" because my legs and arms were (supposedly) like that of a chicken (stick skinny). Bah... Is it bad that even though as painful and debilitating muscle spasms are, I wouldn't mind going back to those days, lol. Bah, oh well, even though it is 9:30 I'm going to go to bed... getting up at 6 tomorrow will be no fun, but it is what needs to be done since I've gotten like no work done this weekend at home. There probably won't be an all-nighter Monday, but probably one on Tuesday.
15th-Sep-2006 11:39 am(no subject)
Howdy ya'll! :-)
I feel absolutely horrible, sigh. I got up this morning, showered, ate breakfast and went to my 8:30-9:30 class and....

...the person teaching that class...

....is someone that was part of a club that I was a member of in Jr. High (she was in HS). Sigh. As soon as class was over, I came back to my room and switched into the other class section, and not for good reasons either. I mean, she is a nice person and is (was, I'm not sure anymore) good friends with one of my good friends... but I just don't think she'd be a good teacher, she has a hard time expressing things with people and I just got so lost when she did the first lesson today. I think that those reasons are just me rationalizing it, but part of me doesn't really want to be associated with her, if that makes any sense. I mean, she didn't even remember my name and we were never really friendly with each other but it is just... ugh, I dunno. Is that absolutely horrible of me? Sigh, I think so... Well, at least now it will be easier for me to get to my 9:40-10:40 class on Friday because it is closer to my 8:30-9:30 class.
The bag is finished! It's so pretty and amazing! (Although I decided not to put the cardboard in the bottom and after a days use, kinda wish that I did put it in :-\ ) And today I got two posters for my dorm room! One is of a hott Mr. Depp and the other.... teeheeheehee!!..... hehehe!!! It has 7 nekkid men on it, with different sports (volleyball, basketball, rugby, football, soccer, water volleyball [I think], and of course, baseball!) balls covering their manly bits (the baseball dude has a mitt with his ball), and on top it says "Got Balls?" Bwahahaha! My mom came home and caught a glance of a nekkid leg, so I unrolled it and showed it to her. Her response: Good lord! You dirty pervert! *walks out of room, stops in the doorway* I like the one on the far left *continues walking out*. HAHA!! Pictures to come, as soon as I find the digital camera! That is, pictures of the bag, not the poster... If you really want to see it, it will be taking the place that Starry Night had on my wall in my dorm :-D. But I guess I could take a picture of the poster if you really want to see it, but then I'll probably call you a dirty pervert, oh well.
30th-Jul-2006 09:58 pm(no subject)
Despite getting up at 7am, I enjoyed myself today. My brother and I messed around on the piano, playing "Chopsticks" and "Heart and Soul" (I got to play the fun bit! :D), then I did a little solo work until everyone was annoyed that I kept messing up the same part in "Ode to Joy" (I would start the song over at the beginning, play it again, get to the messed-up part, mess up once more, go back to the beginning, etc.) and decided it was time to stop. Then my dad and I went to Borders and I got 6 books (oof... I have no will power... damn you Borders and your discounts! [in my defense, I have $130 coming my way and only spent like... $50, eep... that really doesn't make it any better, BAH!!) and then had to deal with the problem of how to fit them into my already-almost filled box. (I'm allowed [my own rules] only one, small box of movies, books, music, etc. to take back to college with me, and since Humpy has come into my life... a large chunk of the box was emptied due to all my music being condensed into an iPod! :D Yay! More books!!!) I must say, I am the queen in maximizing the amount of things in a set, little space. I only ended up taking out one book (a have read) and fitting all 6 in (and two of them are 600+ pages!)! Now it is time to sleep, then get up early, go to work early, eat lunch, leave work, come home, study a bit for the exam, say goodbye to Sarah before she heads off to France, eat dinner, go with my mom to the vet, come back, get everything ready for tomorrow, collapse into bed... only for the cycle to continue to the next day. Bah.
26th-Jul-2006 10:06 am(no subject)
There are a few things in life that you can do to me that will make my blood run and have visions of how many ways I'll kill you run through my head... The number one thing is to NEVER, EVER, EVER DO is touch my toothpaste. In fact, don't even look at it, just ignore it, let it be. Now I'm not crazy anal, if you ask you may use it but only if you ask and it depends on who you are, ask around, I have indeed shared my beloved toothpaste with others. But you know what my brother did? Do you? Well, he went out to my grandparent's place for a week and TOOK MY TOOTHPASTE WITH HIM!!! Och, the rage, the uncontrollable rage that is raging through my system. The nerve! He opened up my drawer, not THE drawer but MY drawr and took it! Grrr, my cool minty freshness bliss gone, and leaving me with only that disgusting stuff that HE uses! OOooohhh... when I get my hands on him.....
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