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Assorted Rambles: Pixilation At Its Finest
Forever in search of, the alternative to love
I just keep on diggin' deeper... 
6th-Nov-2006 12:45 pm
So the scene is I'm calling my mother to tell her about the refund check I just got and I'm slightly hungover...

Mom: So what are you doing for your birthday?
Me: Well Christine was planning a big double birthday party but I don't think I have enough time for that, so me and a few friends will probably just order food, watch a movie, get a little drunk, nothing special really
Mom: ....... drunk?
Me: ...uhh, well not drunk, drunk, just a little.. ya know...
Mom: oh, like a little wine or a wine cooler?
Me: Wine? Oh no no, usually a bottle of tequila!
Mom: ... tequila...?
Me: Yeah, unless it is whisky night, then bottle of that.
Mom: .... whisky...?

Sigh, I didn't redeem myself either by the end of the conversation either... me and my big mouth, haha.
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