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Assorted Rambles: Pixilation At Its Finest
Forever in search of, the alternative to love
If you feel who you are you can be who you are 
11th-Aug-2006 09:42 pm
The bag is finished! It's so pretty and amazing! (Although I decided not to put the cardboard in the bottom and after a days use, kinda wish that I did put it in :-\ ) And today I got two posters for my dorm room! One is of a hott Mr. Depp and the other.... teeheeheehee!!..... hehehe!!! It has 7 nekkid men on it, with different sports (volleyball, basketball, rugby, football, soccer, water volleyball [I think], and of course, baseball!) balls covering their manly bits (the baseball dude has a mitt with his ball), and on top it says "Got Balls?" Bwahahaha! My mom came home and caught a glance of a nekkid leg, so I unrolled it and showed it to her. Her response: Good lord! You dirty pervert! *walks out of room, stops in the doorway* I like the one on the far left *continues walking out*. HAHA!! Pictures to come, as soon as I find the digital camera! That is, pictures of the bag, not the poster... If you really want to see it, it will be taking the place that Starry Night had on my wall in my dorm :-D. But I guess I could take a picture of the poster if you really want to see it, but then I'll probably call you a dirty pervert, oh well.
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