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Assorted Rambles: Pixilation At Its Finest
Forever in search of, the alternative to love
Despite getting up at 7am, I enjoyed myself today. My brother and I… 
30th-Jul-2006 09:58 pm
Despite getting up at 7am, I enjoyed myself today. My brother and I messed around on the piano, playing "Chopsticks" and "Heart and Soul" (I got to play the fun bit! :D), then I did a little solo work until everyone was annoyed that I kept messing up the same part in "Ode to Joy" (I would start the song over at the beginning, play it again, get to the messed-up part, mess up once more, go back to the beginning, etc.) and decided it was time to stop. Then my dad and I went to Borders and I got 6 books (oof... I have no will power... damn you Borders and your discounts! [in my defense, I have $130 coming my way and only spent like... $50, eep... that really doesn't make it any better, BAH!!) and then had to deal with the problem of how to fit them into my already-almost filled box. (I'm allowed [my own rules] only one, small box of movies, books, music, etc. to take back to college with me, and since Humpy has come into my life... a large chunk of the box was emptied due to all my music being condensed into an iPod! :D Yay! More books!!!) I must say, I am the queen in maximizing the amount of things in a set, little space. I only ended up taking out one book (a have read) and fitting all 6 in (and two of them are 600+ pages!)! Now it is time to sleep, then get up early, go to work early, eat lunch, leave work, come home, study a bit for the exam, say goodbye to Sarah before she heads off to France, eat dinner, go with my mom to the vet, come back, get everything ready for tomorrow, collapse into bed... only for the cycle to continue to the next day. Bah.
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